Broadly the books can be categorized in the following manner.

General book:


  • The subject matter is discussed in a general manner. The subject may be simple exposition of a specific subject.
  • Textbook:-It is a book of instructions developed for the students of a particular level course for the particular branch of study.
  • Accordingly it provides basic knowledge about a particular subject in an easy and understandable language with colorful presentation and plenty of illustrations.

Reference book: –

  • Contains readymade information basically known as compilation and compendium of various disciplines of knowledge.
  • The variety of reference books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, almanacs, biographical dictionaries, handbooks, directories, gazetteers
  • So far as physical presentation and getup is concerned a book may be a single volume or multi volume book. And on the basic of its thought contents.



The location of the school library is of as much concern as is its size and shape. It should best be located in an area of maximum accessibility to the students and teachers. The premises chosen to accommodate the library should meet the following requirements:

  • should be in a quite area free from excessive noise, disturbances and pollution.  should be away from canteen, common room, play ground and parking area
  • should have good ventilation and ample day light.
  • should have sufficient floor area in the Reading Room to enable the students to use it comfortably either in groups or individually
  •  should have sufficient work space for the staff to receive books on approval and undertake accessioning, classification, cataloguing, minor repair, issue and return, and reference service
  •  should have separate enclosure to be used as Committee/Conference Room by teachers and pupils for participating in joint or group discussions.
  • should have sufficient stack area so as to organise the books in open shelves.
  • should have a counter/enclosure for keeping personal belongings.