Recognition letter 

Central Board of Secondary Education
Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Cetnre, Preet Vihar, Vikas Marg, Delhi-110 092.


Date: 31/3/2011

To,The secretery

Sub: Extension of Provisional affiliation to the above said school beyond 31.03.2011


With reference to your online application dated 28.6.2010 on the subject cited above, I am directed to convey sanction for extension of provisional affiliation of the school with the Board for its Secondary School Examination and Senior School Certificate Examination for a further period of Five year(s) w.e.f. 01.04.2011 to 31.03.2016 subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions in addition to the general conditions intimated at the time of grant of provisional affiliation for secondary and senior secondary classes.

1.                  The School is required to follow syllabi and course as per scheme of studies prescribed by the Board for the respective Examination.

2.                  The School is required to abide itself by the Examination/Affiliation-Bye-Laws of the Board.

3.                  The School is required to apply on online for further extension of affiliation alongwith the requisite fee and other documents by 30th June of the preceding year in which the Provisional Affiliation expires.

4.                  The school will enroll students proportionate to the facilities available in the school as prescribed in the Affiliation Bye-Laws of the Board which shall not in general exceed the optimum number as under from Pre-Primary to Class  XII :-

Campus area


No. of Sections

(pre-primary to X)

No. of Sections

at Sr. Secondary (XI &XII)


1.0 acre


02 in each class

04 in class XI and XII


1.5 acre


03 in each class

04 in class XI and XII


2.0 acre


04 in each class

04 in class XI and XII

(d) School running on bigger campus of more than 02 acres, the number of students shall be restricted as per the actual facilities in the school which shall be proportionate to the optimum number mentioned at (a), (b) and (c) above.

5.                  The school will strictly adhere with all rules regarding safety of students including Fire fighting, Drinking water, Sanitation, Transportation, etc.

6.                  Income & Expenditure and audited annual accounts statement duly certified by the Chartered Accountant for the current year is required to be sent and the same be submitted every year.

7.                  Other conditions are enclosed as per Annexure ‘A’.

8.                  Special conditions to be complied within three months:-

i.            The school is required to forward 5-6 names of the Principals of the nearby CBSE affiliated school (2-3 of them may be from KVs / JNVs) for approval 02 of them as Board’s nominees for inclusion in School Managing Committee.

ii.            The School Managing Committee has not been constituted as per Affiliation Bye-laws, therefore, it may be reconstituted by including 02 representatives each of teachers, parents and CBSE.

iii.            Some of the teachers of the school are untrained, hence the school is required to appoint qualified teachers as per norms of the Board and forward latest details staff list.

iv.            The school is required to submit particulars of the Principal such as Educational Qualifications, Pay Scale, Date of Birth, Date of Appointment, No. of years experience etc.

v.            The school is required to pay salary, DA and other admissible allowances to staff at par with the salary of corresponding categories of employees working in the State Govt. Schools & copy of latest salary sheet be furnished duly receipted by the staff alongwith Banker’s Certificate.

vi.            As per details of enrolment given by the school, it is not maintaining optimum number of enrolment of students in each class, hence section-wise enrollment of students may be restricted with optimum strength of 40 students per section.

vii.            The school is required to enhance the reserve funds in the joint names of Secretary, CBSE and Manager of the school as per provisions of Affiliation Bye-Laws of the Board.

viii.            The school is required to ensure that no staff member may be appointed / continued in the services of the school who has attained the age of superannuation.

 Yours faithfully,

 (J.K. Yadav)

                  Assistant Secretary (Aff)

 Encl: As above          

Copy to:-

1.      The Principal, Shree Sanskar Academy, Agar Malva, Tehsil-Agar, Dist. Shajapur-465441 Madhya Pradesh

2.      The Regional Officer, C.B.S.E. – Regional Office, Todar Mal Marg, Ajmer-305001 (Rajasthan)

               Assistant Secretary (Aff)