1.    Every students expected to keep up the good name of the school by his/her good condut and behaviour.

2.       Students should be regular and punctual in attending school. Every students has to achieve a minimum of attendance.

3.       No pupil may leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.

4.       Reason for absence must be entered in leave record page of diary.

5.       The students are not permitted to wear any ornaments, jewellery or carry money and costly things with them. Loss of such things would not be the responsibility of the school.

6.       A students suffering from a contagious deease should not be sent to the school till the student is completely free from the effect is to be sent along with the student.

7.       Parents or any other person should not visit the class or meet the teacher directly during the school hours without prior permission of the Principal. All complaints and suggestions should be submitted directly to the Principal.

8.       If a students remains absent continuosly for eight working days without permission, his/her name shall be sturck off the rolls and re-admission will be entirely at the discreation of the Principal.

9.       Parents/Guardians are reqested to provide most congenial home environment to their wards to help them learn their lessons effectively and develop a dsired personality Active co-operation of the parents is solicited in the interest of their wards.

10.     If a student is not able to adjust to the envirment of the school, the parents will be informed accordingly at the first instance and finding  no improvment will be advised to winthdraw the child. If parents fail to follow any such advice, the school authorities reserve the right to take action as deemed fit(tothe extent of expulsion/restication) in the circumstance.

11.     No book, periodication, comics etc. should be brought to the school without the approval of the principal.

12.     The school does not bear any responsibility for a child getting hurt while palying in school hours. However promt medical attention will be provided for which the parents have to bear the expenses.

13.     All students are required to undergo a medical check-up organized by the expenses of the school authority.

14.     Students should move through the corridors without making a noise. Running in the school building is not allowed.

15.     Neatness in writing, a personal and gereral cleanilness,  politeness and courtesy of speech are much emphasized.Therefore spilling of ink, scribbiling on school furniture or wall  standing or damaging other students belonging or school property will be liable to severe punishment to the extent of a heavy fine to cover the damage as well as suspension or even dismissal.

16.     In absence of the teacher, the class captain/monitor is responsible for maintaining silence and order in the class, particularly at the beginning of each period.

17.     Coliections for wheatever cause, are not be taken in any class, without previous permission of the Principal.

18.     In this  Hand-book forms have been provided cncerning leave of absence. Only these ought to be used, not letters ‘LEAVE RECORD’ is meant to be used by parents/          guardians in case of a leave required for serious reasons. The hand book should be presented in the office that very day., well in time before attendance is taken; or           else, the student will be  marked ‘ABSENT’ by the  teacher.

19.     Attendance of your ward is compulsory on independence Day and Republic day.

20.     Students shall be permitted to celebrate their birthdays in school by distributing toffees to the class. It is strictly forbidden to  distrubute any other gift items.

21.     Students are expected to carry their book etc. only in school bag. Fancy Coloured bags are not permitted.

22.     Students are required to keep their students Diary or Hand-book always with them.

23.     No exemption can be granted from compulsory games and other curricular activities without a medical certificate.

24.     Students are strictly prohibited from munching Chewing Gum, Pan Parag, Smoking or consuming any kind of drugs. Any violation on this score may result in the expulsion of the offender from school.

25.     No student is permitted to bring any personal equipment of games unless specially asked to do so bt the games’ teacher. Games will be played on the playground under the personal supervision of the games’ teacher.

26.     When the students leave the class-room, all lights and fans must be switched off. Waste paper should be thrown in the dust-bin provided in each class-room.

27.     Private tutions by the teacher of our school are strictly          prohibited except in very special cases, after obtaining written permission from the Principal.

28.     Each student must come to school smartly dressed in complete school uniform. Students attending school in shabby or incomplete dress shall not be permitted to attends the class and will be sent home.

29.     Students must conduct themselves in an orderly and disciplined manner in the vehicls on their way to and from the school. Misbehaviour will not be tolearated and shall call for severe punishment.

30.     When students are on a school trip or an excursion or in any public palce, their must wear school uniform and conduct themselves in a decent and polite manner keeping in mind the civic rules of society.

31.     At times the school has to be closed due to an unavoidable and unforeseen reason. If a test or examination has been planned on that day, the concerned test or examination shall be held on the working day following the last test or examination held. However no retest or weightage will be allowed except on medical ground with valid medical certificate.

32.     ALL SUPW activites, games, excursions, expeditions, hike etc, organised by the school are compulsory for all    students unless specified by the authorities, excursions,Tours Educational Camps organised by the school are compulsory to the students. Exemption can be granted by the Principal only on medical grounds.
[toggle title=”LIBRARY RULES”]

1.       No book is to be kept longer than one week.

2.       No. student is authorised to pass  on a book from the library to any one else, not even within one week.

3.       Book must be returned in the same condition.

4.       Any book lost, must at once be paid for or replaced.

5.       Every session, the last day of issue of book will be 10th February and return of book will be 15th February.

6.       The students should make an entry on page provided in this Hand book of every book he/she borrows from the library.  At the end of the session, he/she should get the signature of the Teacher-in-charge.

7.       Observe silence in the Library.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”LABOTRORY RULES”]
Students will be bound by the following rules in the laboratory:
1.       Maintain discipline in the laboratory.

2.     Students are expected to be careful with regard to handling of the instruments and chemicals in the laboratory.

3.       Students will be solely responsible for themselves in case of injury because of their negligence.[/toggle]